Terms and conditions

Following are the terms and conditions of our service that you accept by using it.


Please note: We are not connected with the DVSA or any government agency and you can check yourself online for cancellations at any time on the DVSA website. We offer the service of “looking and re-booking” on your behalf, for users who do not have the time to keep checking themselves.


1. The fee paid by the customer is for the service of checking for a driving test date, within the window you nominate to us.


2. Once we find you a driving test date within the search window you specify to us, we will send you a notification to alert you about the available earlier test slot.


3. You normally get 28 minutes to confirm via whatsapp/viber/email/line/tango  that  you want the driving test date to be moved by us.


4. If we cannot book the date we have held for you, we will keep searching until a more convenient date becomes available.


5. By providing provisional driving license number and theory test pass number/application reference number, you agree that we can change your driving test on your behalf.


6. We cannot be held responsible for any test dates posponed by the DVSA for any reason, our service is for the searching and helping you to book a driving test date at a more conveneient date and time. We do not provide driving instructors, vehicle insurance or vehicles for the driving test.


7. Once you have received confirmation that we have managed to change your test date, you should ensure that you receive a new booking confirmation email / letter from the DVSA,  plus we suggest that you check online to ensure the test date has been changed correctly for you.


8. If we fail to find an earlier test slot and you will not claim your money refund within 2 months from the date of registration, your money will not be refunded.


9. We can change your driving test date temporarily without your permission at anytime if needed.


10. You need to pay £18.00 for first time registration on our website and to re-subscribe our service there are £6.00, if we will book your driving test on Saturday then we will charge you Extra £7.00 and DVSA will charge you Extra £13.00 for driving test booking on Saturday. Other than Saturday you just need to pay only £18.00 service charges.