Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you get an earlier test date?

We search earlier driving test slots on the DVSA website after every 1 minute from 7am to 11.40pm – 7 days a week. Once we found an earlier driving test for you, we send you immediately notification via whatsapp/viber or email. You will have approximately 28 minutes to reply YES in order to book the test that we have fetched for you. If you don’t like the test date that we’ve found, If you will reply with “N” that means no! then we will continue search for another earlier driving test slots for you until we found a suitable one for you.


2. What do I do before applying for an earlier driving test booking?

You need to book car practical driving test first. You can book it by using this link:

We will not be able to find you an earlier driving test slot if your car practical driving test is not booked!


3. Can you guarantee to find me an earlier test?

Although we cannot guarantee that we will find an earlier test date for you, we have over a 96% success rate based on a recent stat analysis. We are so confident to say that we will find you suitable earlier test slot otherwise refund your money.


4. I have replied late and missed a booking, will you keep searching?

A) YES – we will keep looking until you confirm a date successfully


5. I have booked a date but I want to keep searching for another earlier / later date, can I do this?

A) YES – We will restart the checking service on request just let us know and we will restart the search.


6. I have failed my test and need you to restart searching for me?

A) YES – just forward us the new DVSA booking reference number and the search window you wish and we will restart the search for you.


7. I need to change my preferred test centre search, can I do this?

A) YES – just drop us an email with your requirements and we will change that for you